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How Hormone Deficiencies Can Cause Fatigue

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How Hormone Deficiencies Can Cause Fatigue

Energy level is a profound marker into our health.

Energy is the force that gives us life and when we feel our energy is low and fatigue is taking over, we know something might be interfering with our health and potential!

One of the main causes of fatigue is low hormone production and any hormone deficiency can lead to feelings of fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc.

Three hormone deficiencies linked to fatigue.
1. Thyroid.
Low thyroid hormone levels are strongly linked to fatigue as the thyroid regulates energy production in the body.

Consider that a major symptom of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is cold hands and cold feet.
Thyroid hormones energize the tissue and increases basal body temperature. Energy and thyroid intricately connected.

If you’re tired and always cold, think thyroid.

2. Pregnenolone
Pregnenolone deficiency can decrease steroid synthesis as pregnenolone is the precursor to both progesterone and DHEA.

Pregnenolone has been shown to improve fatigue. One study looked at volleyball players recovery and demonstrated that “oral Pregnenolone administration of 100 mg/d…delayed fatigue which may affect positively the volleyball players after a plyometric training bout” (Elsayed, 2018).”


DHEA-S has been shown to have physiological properties associated with memory, stress, anxiety, sleep and depression.

One study showed supplementation of DHEA in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome led to:

-21% reduction in fatigue
-35% reduction in anxiety
-18% reduction in pain

Solving hormone imbalances is a cornerstone of true health. To get started on your hormone and health journey, head to the link in bio.