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How long should you stay on bio-identical hormone therapy?

The beginning of menopause can be an overwhelming experience for some women, but it may not be a big deal for others.
The end of an era of your life when finally you will be relieved from the agonizing torment of menstruation! However, in some women, menopause may arise at the cost of your quality of life.
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a standard treatment recommended to alleviate the manifestations of menopause.
But how can you determine the length of your treatment?
The length and time of hormone replacement therapy may vary from person to person depending upon the reduction in menopause symptoms. Your doctor will determine the length of your treatment based on your progress. However, we recommend staying on bio-identical hormones for as long as possible.
Keep on reading to learn more about the factors involved in planning the length of your treatment.
The Initial Process:
Determining the Type of Treatment: Each individual’s body reacts a distinct way to a particular dosage. Your doctor will investigate your entire medical history to determine what type and frequency of BHRT your body needs.
Administration of Treatment: After accessing the requirements of your body, your doctor will put you on a steady dosage and closely examine each circulating week using blood tests. Tests include saliva and urine examination to ascertain how well the bio-identical hormones are acting.
How to know if BHRT is working?
The primal purpose of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is to improve severe symptoms faced due to menopause. Since you will be having a steady intake of bio-identical hormones (the best type of hormones), you will experience a boost in your energy levels. This process will allow you to push your limits.
It will also alleviate your mood resulting in better communication and socialization. Additionally, your vaginal lubrication will be increased, resulting in a high sex drive.
The bone mass will increase in osteoporotic individuals, causing a decrease in pain levels while performing day-to-day activities.
The quality of your sleep will enhance, making you feel energetic and reinvigorated when you wake up.
When to stop your treatment?
There is no reason to go off of BHRT. In fact, research shows that replenishing hormones is safe and effective for long period of time.