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Whether you’re going through menopause or just curious about your hormone levels and overall health, Moment offers the most natural and effective solutions anywhere.

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43, mother of two

“I was struggling to find help for recurring hot flashes. It wasn’t until I worked with Moment that I received the care that I was after all along. The providers were thorough and treated me like a person instead of just a problem to be solved.”

“I was going through post-menopause and not sure what to do. I had hot flashes every day and was a complete mess. My doctor is very thorough kind and gentle. They made me feel completely comfortable. My doctor's bio-identical hormone program combined with advice on nutrition has dramatically improved my health and I’m feeling great!"

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Tamara - moment healthcare


53, mother of two

"After seeing countless doctors for hormone issues, I am so happy to come here and finally get answers. I got the prescribed blood work done and my doctor started me on supplements and bio-identical hormones. It completely changed my energy, sex drive, and even skin."

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-Amanda, 26

“Just wanted to give you a happy update! I’ve been with Moment since April. Presenting symptoms were afternoon fatigue, cycles went from 29 days to 25, and lots of PMS symptoms—bloating, irritability, weight gain, breast tenderness. 

Well, I had a follow up appt August 5th to check progress. Cortisol was going down, but still not down enough. (24 down to 18.5), so he doubled the cortisol manager supplements. Naps are now gone. And generally speaking I sleep great!
One thing we discussed at that appt is that I am not measuring my progesterone cream—just eyeballing it. I measured this month. Dr said if I didn’t experience improvement, we would then probably double my dose. Guess what????

My cycle went back to 29 days this month!! I had zero PMS—no weight gain, no crazy cravings, no moodiness. I feel NORMAL!! 🎉 My weight had been creeping up the past several months—it is now trending down (I am being more intentional with food tracking too though). Top weight was 137 last spring; right now I’m about 129.

Now—to be fair—I go to bed by 10pm every night, walk 6-7,000 steps every morning, lift weights 3-4 times per week, and track all my food making sure to eat at least 125g of protein per day. So I’m doing a lot of other things that should support health. I also use infrared sauna a few times per week. (This was my lifestyle before starting moment, though—with just a little more consistency.)

Anyway, I am THRILLED that I became a patient of Moment. The whole experience has been very supportive and great. I am beside myself that things seem to be resolving. Thank you SO much!!”

-Kristi, 46

I’m actually getting to sleep now. Im getting close to being human again.”

-Mary, 53

“Unbelievable how cured I am. My breasts don’t even get tender anymore while I am on my period. Truly so thankful.”

-Hayden, 29

“I’ve only done one cycle of progesterone, and it’s worked amazingly well”

-Mary, 53

“I feel so alert and less agitated too. 🙂  I’m telling all my Menopause friends about it!”

– Jennifer, 50

“My skin is glowing, my libido feels like it’s coming back, my mental health feels alot stronger.” 

– Alexandra, 28

“Moment Health is the greatest thing I have done for myself along with exercise and eating right. The doctors and team are all hands on deck. You receive everything from lab testing, exercise plans, diet plans, and all of your questions answered. For 8 years I suffered and now I can finally work every month with ease and enjoy my life. Thank you Moment Health. I’m so grateful for this team!!!” 

– Rebecca, 31

“I’m very happy that I chose to invest in my health by joining Moment Health. It’s been life changing! The process is easy and the doctor is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. Along with balancing hormones, she guides you through nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve health. I’ve been with Moment for six months and have seen improvements in sleep, energy, libido, strength, as well as losing about 15 pounds so far. The support is amazing and they respond to questions, orders, etc super fast. My 23 year old daughter just joined and is also seeing great results. Thank you Moment Health!” 

– Sandy, 57

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Experts who know how to solve hormone
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  • Often Provides Prescriptions Without Clinical Lab Tests
  • Often Uses Synthetic Hormones
  • Often Does Not Provide Lifestyle Plan
  • No Exclusive Events, Community and Content
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  • Provides You With A Blood Spot Kit That Helps Your Physician Prescribe An Individualized Plan
  • Natural Hormone Solutions
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Exclusive Events, Community and Content
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