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Science-Backed Ways To Decrease Estrogen Dominance During Menopause

While most people believe that menopause is the result of estrogen deficiency, until your final period, you’ll actually find that estrogen levels don’t drop that significantly. In fact, estrogen dominance is a more common issue during this time. Keep reading as we share the best ways to decrease estrogen dominance during menopause.
The Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance
Before we go any further, it’s important to understand the symptoms of estrogen dominance. You’ll find that any type of stress will exasperate these issues, and women in their thirties often start to notice these symptoms. Decreased stress drive, bloating, breast swelling, and headaches are common signs of estrogen dominance. You may also find that you experience mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and foggy thinking. While estrogen dominance often can’t be avoided, studies suggest that excess body fat, increased stress, and a low-fiber diet may trigger this condition.
Ways to Treat Estrogen Dominance
The good news is that it’s not impossible to treat estrogen dominance. These are some of the best solutions you might want to try to help with estrogen dominance if this is something you are currently struggling with.
Reduce Your Stress Levels
If you find your life is unnecessarily stressful, start staying no to anything that puts too much pressure on your body and mind. Spend your energy looking after yourself instead of worrying so much about everyone around you and people-pleasing all of the time.
Assess Your Diet
Your diet can play a huge role in potentially experiencing estrogen dominance. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables. Ensure you are adding protein to your meals regularly and still consuming healthy fats. Fiber is critical for combatting estrogen dominance, as estrogen leaves our body via the bowel. When this doesn’t happen, it’s simply reabsorbed by the body. On top of the changes you can make to your diet, supplement this with a multivitamin and mineral tablet each day. Consider also cutting back on caffeine and alcohol to detox your liver during this time in your life.
Progesterone Creams
Consider using a transdermal 2% bioidentical progesterone cream daily on your skin to minimize the effects of estrogen dominance. During perimenopause, you can use this each day during the two or three weeks before your period. However, if your periods are irregular, you can use this cream every day.
Exercise Regularly
Many of us tend to become less active as we age, but it’s critical that you still exercise regularly. Strength training can help you to lose excess body fat, which can be a key cause of estrogen dominance. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing, and you’ll notice a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.
Here at Moment, we know how challenging it can be to experience estrogen dominance during menopause. Our team is here to support you every step of the way and can offer you expert care and treatments delivered directly to your door. Contact us today for more information and to discuss any concerns you may have about estrogen dominance.