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The safest, most effective medical solutions to hormone imbalances – delivered to your door.

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Expert Doctors

Hormone imbalances can happen anytime and to anyone. Thankfully, our team of experts and physicians at Moment know how to test and treat your hormones from a whole body-whole person approach — from the comfort of your own home.

Finding the right treatment plan takes time, and our team of professionals is here with you every step of the way, assessing progress and adjusting your treatment goals as needed.

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Natural Solutions

Some medications can do more harm than good. You don’t have to worry about that with Moment. We offer safe and effective natural hormone solutions to help support you through hormone imbalances and toward a successful recovery.

Our expert care team designs personalized treatment plans that are evidence-based and clinically validated to ensure optimal health.

Whole-Body Approach.

All things in the body are connected. A multi-faceted approach is vital for your body to work in harmony with itself.

A whole-body approach means looking at everything that makes up your life — hormones, nutrition, sleep quality, mental health, movement, and more. Finding the right treatment plan takes time, and with a whole-body approach, the focus is on healing from the inside out versus putting a bandaid over a symptom.

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We Are Different

Experts who know how to solve hormone
imbalance safely and effectively.


  • Often Provides Prescriptions Without Clinical Lab Tests
  • Often Uses Synthetic Hormones Or Hormone Formulations With Many Additives
  • Often Does Not Provide Lifestyle Plan
  • No Exclusive Events, Community and Content
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  • Provides You With At-Home Lab Test That Helps Your Physician Prescribe An Individualized Plan
  • Natural Hormone Solutions
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Exclusive Events, Community and Content
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